The Abomination Revealed

Well finally its here, no it could be here I might still do some more to it yet. But looking at it now I am in amazement of it and enjoy every bit of my new creation. Its not something that I think most people would actually appreciate especially in times when folk would rather have some abstract sculpture thing that as a simple level of aesthetic appeal. Well it is my first sculpture that I have ever done and after the enjoyment I got out of it not my last as I have some more logs and am going to be carving all through the summer months. First I would like to show a diagram of my technical principles in wood carving and illusion painting methods.

Being able to think visually is essential towards both controlling object and to recollect dimensional imagery. So for example I am able to see a head in my mind and use that to aid in altering the physical properties of a physical object external from my mind. As with the use of colour in the same way I have to looking back into my minds eye to be able to see what the colour attributes are on a human with the skin, eyes etc. I also used to study the anatomy as a child through a morbid curiosity and delight in using this visual knowledge from my memory. I even recently watched a real video of a human autopsy which I found a very powerful source of information. If you notice on the skull section I added a yellow fat within the flesh layer to add to a realism of dissection.

Well that's the abomination which is about a meter high. Its very unpleasant yet I love it to bits and hope to exhibit it sometime. I would like to say its contemporary expressionism and exists like the rawness of graffiti artwork which in today's art world would sadly be considered as anti art or Dada. I still think though that that type of art is more natural in state and more powerful as it need not words to sell itself just its powerful imagery.

Please also realise that it represents an ancient power in which it invokes a power and curiosity like with how we are still clouded with the mystery's of ancient mythology and history. In a world full of magic and illusion that I think would unlock a enchanting world full of romance and legend, hero and much much more which sadly only gets represented by the media. I ask you people to find your own spiritual worlds and bring back the enchantment of living with imagination again. At least I can do that myself I guess but I hope it gives you a message to do the same.