My Weird Painting no1

Polluted Cyclops

This painting was imagined by my mind whilst walking along in the middle of the UK autumn, I love it loads, it even as a few anomalies (mistakes) which I like. Very weird and unnatural looking painting with absolutely no meaning only a conversion of deep raw mental imagery into a large 1 meter painted canvas. I have absolutely no intention of selling it for anything because to me its worth more than anything material. Just one of many mythical and magical inner illusions that my mind gifts me with on a daily basis and the visions occur without any mind altering drugs. Maybe a inner ego trip or a dance with the gods fxxk knows.

Normal Day Crazy Mythism NO1


Mood: Neutral
Day spent: Visiting family & Friends
Ate: Pizza and Peppers
Best Moments: Visiting my amazing lady/artist friend.
Tomorrow: Have a lay in and go shopping plus go and see the Christmas lights get switched on


OK I woke up and found a nice bright day waiting for me, I kept my lad off school to take him to doctors and he was with me all day. First went to my nans to set up her free view box which worked OK but she needs an Ariel to get more channels. Then I went to my friend Catherin's house and we had a good natter about art n stuff which was brill and real deep.


Well I have started to design my own art movement Mythism here's the way it works. Our ancient ancestors thought up some amazing mythological tales of man, god, monster etc. In the modern world the closest we come to the eventing of new myths is through computer games and books and in the surrealist/fantasy arts. The problem though is that people don't really creating anything new and are all following suit. The majority of people aren't needing to imagine and conjure up new inventive creations which was a ancient and primitive ability . We have television and computer games that now entertain our creative desires. If one can dream more and exercises this then when creating unique art from the inner mind then out will explode myth, magic and legend. And in this new age we will no longer visualise giants crushing down buildings but maybe genetic mutants gone wrong or a virus creature that takes over electronic gadgets and rebuilds itself.

The Nasty Painting Day


Mood: Disillusioned
Day spent: Painting and chatting
Ate: Junk and more junk
Best Moments: When the painting looked good and cuddling my lad after he was upset.
Tomorrow: dream up a new painting, visit my nan who needs help with free view box.


Well got up this morning and got straight into the painting, and it was going really well. Then It died on me. Looking at it now it looks childish and seems to follow suit with my other work. watched some day time UK television as well. Chatted online but got a bit depressed with it all.
Never mind a real day tomorrow just hope the weather picks up.



Low budget horror set in some woods. It was a worthy cocktail of gore, humour and fast paced action. Some nice sadistic moments and worthy looking zombie's. Also it didn't suffer from being low budget but don't expect amazing special effects. Plus its a bit of a rip from 21 days later but its still worth a rental.

Score: 6.4 out of 10

Painted but depressed now


Mood: Creative but depressed.
Day spent: Mostly in bed.
Ate: Junk but vegetables lasagna and chips later.
Best Moment: Painting weird picture.
Tomorrow: Ill go out maybe and paint more.


I stayed in bed this morning until dinner time, I needed to make my mind fresh again and it did give me some energy. I then opened up one of my new canvas's and spent about four hours painting none stop of a canal scene that I have visualised in my mind for day's and really needed to get it out, It isn't finished yet but Ive done quite a lot of it.

Me and my lad walked to the local supermarket and that's when I started to feel down, As I was looking around the various foods and stuff I kept noticing loads of attractive women, some of them were on there own and others with their boyfriends or husbands. I'm not really in need of anyone to start a relationship with but couldn't help but feel alone.

I feel worthless and alone especially because I am a walker and haven't pushed myself to learn to drive like nearly every human being living around me. So I am the odd bod walking in the dark cold evenings but at least I had my little lad with me who made me laugh now and again.

Next I think ill go and take one of my anti depressants now and maybe go and chat online, I'm also looking forward until tomorrow so that I can do some more to my new painting.

Cya tomorrow.


The Eruption

Its time you got to know who I am

Well at this moment in time, I'm tired but I want do this. On the outside you wouldn't notice me mainly because I'm an average looking guy. I live in a city without spark, a mundane land where people are imprisoned in the struggles of day to day life. I am already nagging but never mind we all like a good nag dont we.

Anyway less of that, People get ready for Nebula. He his here and is erupting from the void of silence. Nebula is going to take you to a zone far more magical than any blog, Take a journey with him as he brings out new worlds from artistic madness that is Nebula

Your gonna get all this

1: A surreal insight into an artist who lives out of the normal
2: W factor artwork displayed that will make you mind melt and yours eyes sting
3: The teachings and guidance from a deranged mind.
4: Live alongside a life that rebels against everything normal
5: Reviews on everything I can think off that's weird

And and so much more

So keep looking in at my mad blogs and change the way look at the world and believe me you will.