My thoughts on love and women

Today I am in
allot of pain, mainly because I feel like I am to soft to be considered a worthy enough lover to women in general. I have a lady friend whom I feel so much for and have recently considered wanting to have moments of passion with. Fun discovery's exploring my sexual urges towards her and I have told her how I feel about this but she has some reasons for not wanting this which I am respecting, as I don't want to spoil my friendship with her. I do feel sad now though because she is the only lady I have contact with and who I trust with my feelings.


Generally women don't want the man to desire them, so I think because I express myself well they tend to think I need to get physical to much. Most men do want sex loads and its corrupting women into believing that all men want cold sexual encounters where as I see sexual exploration as an act of euphoric joy, a bliss which takes us off this planet more so when you can connect with women on a deep mental level.


I also believe women can identify with men who are cool about the sexual act. I think that is one of the main reasons why women seem to find the wrong types of men the alpha male. I know why as I imagine how women perceive this type of man, firstly I think its that they don't show any anxiety's towards the presence of a beautiful lady and show a bold form that is instinctual attractive to them, Second because men who don't respect or look up to women tend to be more relaxed when communicating with women and can speak with ease without concern of offending. Third it appears easier alpha males to be able to laugh and joke about sex and things that to me are serious because of the euphoric intensity from making love. Prudity is a sensitivity so I don't believe it when women say they looking for sensitivity in a man as they seem to ridicule men for this


Well I may be addressing the problem and yeah I can see that I have got problems but I'm not going to change my way's to appeal more to women, I am an individual and embrace this. I somehow love to be innocent towards the experiences of love making and believe if one corrupts themselves in the name of sexual experiences the more it loses its feeling. I would never even consider paying for a sexual encounter as I would lose all self respect and would lose the innocence of being true about love. I am in pain though and emotions of bitterness, jealousy are evident in my mind even to levels of anguish but never less my heart is pure and I will sacrifice it. I am special and if women don't want me I love who I am which is more important. we all alone anyway.