A mental diagram of visual thinking & the inner minds eye

Below is a diagram that burst into my mind earlier today, I get diagrams a lot in my head but have never really drawn them up, I got this diagram in a similar way to how I see visions to paint and draw. Maybe you may think that I am strange after looking at it but it is in way very truthful to how I live within my own world and how it links to reality. Next I will do a diagram on how telephonic sounds create pictures so that I cope with spelling and how I picture numbers in order to do math. I hope this diagram is insightful to anyone interested in visual thinking and its state. If the diagram is to small I will increase its size .

My new painting

Back to painting

Well I eventually got myself in the right frame of mind to paint, I always know when I am in prime condition to paint again as I get to a stage when I begin to see things in a more aware way. For those who have not read my previous blogs I believe that drinking alcohol effects my mind in some negative way. I do remember a few weeks back that all of a sudden colours and objects seemed to stand out more and that's a good few months since I last had a drink of booze. I will not be drinking booze again hopefully. Anyway here is my new painting.

The blood bath

Well here it is and its been a good time since I have painted so I am well happy. This creation was a new and exciting direction for me which started out duo tone but I realised in needed some extra colours in the palette. I used some interesting techniques alongside some strong illustrative aesthetics.

I have to say that while the image strengths are near comical most of the painting is still quite surreal but with those fused together make the whole thing personally weird. Again the whole vision of this painting was pictured within my mind but a few parts were developed through mental imaging of the extras that connect all together. What I like with many of my paintings is that the items on view are of subconscious meaning
that exist as a prop to tell a mysterious story. I am hoping that the viewer can tell the story that they can personally identify with.