Normal Day Crazy Mythism NO1


Mood: Neutral
Day spent: Visiting family & Friends
Ate: Pizza and Peppers
Best Moments: Visiting my amazing lady/artist friend.
Tomorrow: Have a lay in and go shopping plus go and see the Christmas lights get switched on


OK I woke up and found a nice bright day waiting for me, I kept my lad off school to take him to doctors and he was with me all day. First went to my nans to set up her free view box which worked OK but she needs an Ariel to get more channels. Then I went to my friend Catherin's house and we had a good natter about art n stuff which was brill and real deep.


Well I have started to design my own art movement Mythism here's the way it works. Our ancient ancestors thought up some amazing mythological tales of man, god, monster etc. In the modern world the closest we come to the eventing of new myths is through computer games and books and in the surrealist/fantasy arts. The problem though is that people don't really creating anything new and are all following suit. The majority of people aren't needing to imagine and conjure up new inventive creations which was a ancient and primitive ability . We have television and computer games that now entertain our creative desires. If one can dream more and exercises this then when creating unique art from the inner mind then out will explode myth, magic and legend. And in this new age we will no longer visualise giants crushing down buildings but maybe genetic mutants gone wrong or a virus creature that takes over electronic gadgets and rebuilds itself.