The Nasty Painting Day


Mood: Disillusioned
Day spent: Painting and chatting
Ate: Junk and more junk
Best Moments: When the painting looked good and cuddling my lad after he was upset.
Tomorrow: dream up a new painting, visit my nan who needs help with free view box.


Well got up this morning and got straight into the painting, and it was going really well. Then It died on me. Looking at it now it looks childish and seems to follow suit with my other work. watched some day time UK television as well. Chatted online but got a bit depressed with it all.
Never mind a real day tomorrow just hope the weather picks up.



Low budget horror set in some woods. It was a worthy cocktail of gore, humour and fast paced action. Some nice sadistic moments and worthy looking zombie's. Also it didn't suffer from being low budget but don't expect amazing special effects. Plus its a bit of a rip from 21 days later but its still worth a rental.

Score: 6.4 out of 10