Nebula's creation of weirdism

Personal thoughts on the
created movement of Weirdism

by Richard Jackson aka Nebula

Introduction to Weirdism

Well within the realm's of the art world we have been subjected to many strange and unusual artworks, mainly from the works of the surrealist artists who tried to channel and tap into the subconscious mind. But I personally see a huge problem with the surrealist philosophy mainly due to the fact that it is about the personal twisted perceptions of the real, and I think that imagination will find some limitations to this. Is surrealism the furthest we can venture with its vagueness and connections with delusion and madness. I believe that we can move further out than that but its a dangerous journey and that the very idea could end up shredding down the walls of this dimensional world. I do think however that surrealism was a great start towards something very powerful that could make or break the material world and possibly the inner world for many people.

So what would Weirdism be, I feel you will be asking but I want to keep that open for now. The most important idea is that it will only make use of previous works that could be used for the analysis of weird/Weirdism.

The core of Weirdism is that it should be about creating something weird from methods of day dream, sleep, paranoiac-critical method (fear, anxiety, mania, paranoia etc), disciplined hallucination without it being drug induced, accidental, scientific madness, abnormal and other strange and weird methods.

The most single important thing is to not use any drugs to find weirdness if possible but if one wants to dabble in drug induced creativity then its up to the person, but I do not believe that this can achieve to a higher level and think its in the artists best interest to be pure of mind.

To achieve a style of weird would be contradictory as weird can obscure the discipline of technique and process but if anyone would try to find anything near a weirdistic style I would strongly encourage it as to be proven wrong. To create a weirdistic art peace one can use a fusion of techniques, styles and movements to stir up the reaction but as long as it creates the whole movement of weirdism so to fade away the movements used.

What can weirdism achieve ?

I really hope that it can set new concepts to design and art through the induction of weird into powerful and bewildering aesthetics. I hope to see developments in the manufacturing of goods that fuse together all that is unreal and out of this world for example gadgets and gizmo's that put emphasis on the unusual to look over. I want weirdism to open up our eyes to new and beautiful surrounding that bewilder our sensors and that ask us to think about what we look upon.

I also want to see more of a bond between art and science where the elemental and cosmic work with or against each other to provide new and almost spell binding results. I really think that this world as become a solid synthetic gloomy dimension that needs to be lifted if only to arouse the mind to a voyage of personal perception and excitement to mystery.

Why should we live with Weirdism ?

We do actually live with it now to a certain degree, We have console and computer games that take us into other worlds that at times can blow our minds to new dimensions of eye candy graphics in which we escape. The animation, illustration and development of such things are for me a much needed provision but to a certain degree Weirdism could bring it into the gallery, the street etc. It would help the young of today connect to creativity that involves more than conceptual dribble and theory in which the visual sensor's do the talking.

What can you or I do ?

Well we can start by going about studying weird, thinking of new things to rip open the walls of normality, we can imagine things that don't exist and find an urge to create them. Weird is different to everyone and to embrace weird is the first step. Even being a person who don't fit into this life is a great role to play, you may think different to other people and can add your thoughts on Weirdism. Personally I think weird can be thought of as a disturbance and even add controversy on so much of life that it is dying to tackle authority and rule.

I think you have just made this up ?

I have and that's what weirdism is all about, making things up out of thin air, something new and unbelievable, Who is to say that what I have said is wrong and maybe because they have been heavily programmed by society to behave in a so called real and normal fashion that the previous writing would be considered a load of excrement then I pity that person for they are at a lower level of sensitivity. And would most probably overlook how weird can offer some extraordinary sensations.


There is none so go and find out for yourself