New thoughts and theory's


Most of my life I have lived in a world of my own really and I've never really been interested in the so called real world. I guess I see the other world as a prison in which people enter into, a kind of man made synthetic scape where instinct and desire combine with the human thirst to become powerful and feed upon there ego's. Below is a list of things that disturb me about the real world.


I have noticed that people behave in an almost evil manner while they are at work and will delight in overpowering people, especially one's who seem the weakest or in need. I also dislike the way that people develop groups and clicks to gain power and influence over others. The worst type of worker is the kiss arse type who wants to establish a over needed role and will do others work as well to gain a rank above others. You also get people who work with members of there own family thus giving them an unprecedented power.

Looking for work

It seems that for most of my life looking for work as been a complete waste of time. I used to apply to lots of different types of jobs but for some unusual reason would be unacceptable. I would consider myself to be a moderately intelligent person and have learnt to do an unbelievable amount of things myself without going on course's mainly skills on a computer. I have had a few jobs but it seems that the type of work I am good at requires in the united kingdom some kind of degree or huge amount of work history within the chosen area of work.

Procedure and law

More and more people create more rules, mainly because people wish to exploit situations to gain but for those of us who want to live an honest life it seems very near impossible. And for some bizzare reason the majority of us have been left to only be capable of being on benifits because our goverment make living on work a very insecure postion to be in.


Women are especially darker than men and this I find rather mysterious mainly due to the fact that I may have been brought up to think that women are usually more caring as a stereotype. I also feel that women are very very spoilt now and they have some kind of narrow minded ambition that gives them a very intimidating presence. I also find that most women are not as innocent as I would like to believe and seem to be fearless in order to find men who only care to use and abuse there image of innocence. I guess I am very idealistic towards women and think I tend to only notice the ones with a bad attitude.

English soil

Well the time as arrived when we have been invaded again and this time Poland are the invaders, Only the other day I noticed that my local town of Nottingham the English residents seem to have been replaced by polish ones, it felt like invasion of the body snatchers. And the way they all are dressed like middle class citizens against our poor slaved up native citizens made me feel an anger.

Not only that but I am fed up with seeing ethnic professionals in the medical profession who seem to not understand a word we say and I know this from experience but treat the white British as inferior and through that will give us nothing to really help us.
Culture is also an issue for me and it seems that our government seems to have provided other cultures and religions priority over our own culture. I don't actually see an English culture anymore, well I do and its a culture that the media have presented and developed to get us into going out and drinking every weekend so that the weeks/months money be paid back into the governments hands through the tax on alcohol.

The ethnic cultures are still very strong and in many ways an evil on our own soil mainly due to the fact they will disown and even kill women who will not be forced into marriage. But through our government building them temples and mosks in our own towns that the make the invasion more a reality.

The Mundane
It seems that England is becoming more and more mundane, work seems colourless and even business seems bland and black and white. I even detest the advertising that we get thrust into our face's on the television especially in the day time. The patronising adverts that sell things I find materialistic and pathetic such as insurance and double glazing. What has this country come to when things like that mean anything at all.

Things of interest


I like to watch films that make you think really, and most films have always in some way left me feeling and thinking about them especially if they have a message or meaning to them. As an artist I generally like to
delve into realms of art that cross over the line and explore uncharted areas which I could say I am a kind of explorer into the unknown. Again I kind of delight in the Romanticism of the sadness that some films seem to explore so well.

Salo "120 day's of Sodom"

I have recently watched the film I have been holding back on seeing for along time called Salo 120 day's of Sodom which was supposed to be described as being on the worlds most disturbing films ever. After watching the film it kind of enlightened me in a raw way about human brutality and only emphasise how dark the human spirt can be in all of us. While watching the film I realised I was also participating in an audience of evil curiosity. It kind of makes the mind feel happy to know that I wasn't feeling the pains that were being inflicted upon others. I think the film mainly deals with sexual brutality and how mankind will never really be satisfied by attacking such a sacred thing. You do get a strong feeling of how people have been abused in by the evils of political powers and especially with how Hitlers Nazi Germany abused its powers to commit atrocities. I think overall the film is one of those that was ok to watch once but the idea of watching it again don't seem to interest me maybe because it was uncomfortable and quite depressing.

The Bridge 2006 Documentary

For those of you who havn't heard of this film its a documentary type film that explores the tabboo subject of sucide due to people who commit sucide from jumping from the Golden Gate bridge. The first time I watched this film I could only bare it for about 20 mins especially after watching a man throw himself off the bridge. You get to hear from the ones who have lost someone after
they have killed themselves and the possible reasons for why they think the person might have done such anunspeakable thing. I have just finished watching the film this minute and think its an unsettling but valuble resource for people as an educational and informative study of human behaviour. It will also admit that it made me cry a little because of the sadness I felt for all involved in the tragigy that fell upon them.


Bioshock XBOX 360

Well I have been playing this game quite alot and think its a major release due to aspethetic merits and the gameplay is also powerfull with just enough creepyness and fear to keep the game enthrilling and exciting. It deffently takes you into another world a place very much connected to an expressionist scape similar to Gothem city in the Batman Films and a kind of circus of madness theme feeling where drugs as created a population of crazed clowns. It sure is a 8 out of 10 which is quite a good score.