Philosophical writings on weird

What is weird ?

First off all let me start by saying that the term weird can be used again with restriction to its true potential. Most people think of weird as something wrong or evil that can startle the mind and generates an eerie atmosphere/sensation, but this is just a narrow angle on what weird can potentially be.

From a young age the whole idea of weird would stimulate a great curiosity in me and activities like walking through a wacky house or watching a magic show would be a much inspired thing. The ghost train would fill me with dread but as soon as I could I would embark on it and while being young it would be a great experience but soon after I left it behind and thought little of how much it lacked enough of what it could be.

So getting back to weird then I think to create something weird is untouchable and
exempt from conceptual analysis thus baffling its audience with works of enigma. I think the best way to find weird is by looking into the inner self or mind. A space can exist within the inner eye or third eye and through the purity of health or illness be opened to locate the opposite of the physical dimension. A problem occurs by allowing oneself to be programmed by the physical existence alongside our human instinctual urges to only put clouds upon the reality of truth. We also so easily forget the potential of others human minds that we have to constantly commune with and that each mind holds its own programmed world a place with the great potential. In theory I open up my worlds to the viewer without fear of scrutiny because the soul truth of my being is just as important as anyone Else's inner being.

Children are much closer to the
curiosity's of the minds imagination and without control will let there imaginations guide there own development. In fact this development process only proves that we all live in our own inner created worlds that is grounded and stabilised by the beginnings where imagination plays such an important role. I think that by exploring weird one can find more strength in imagination and creativity. A problem does occur in today's world regarding education as more emphasis and support is given to the controlled learning of theoretical and mechanical techniques with close attention to math and language is addressed. This in turn works opposite to the expressiveness of loose expressionist thinking that masks out the emotion of a more giving existence.

Capitalism is one reason why this type of learning is around so that it can give support to the worlds blood that is money thus looking for people to be able to support the growth of greed and power. Alongside technical powers maths is crucial to modern society and development and yet we see in so much of
contemporary artwork that seems to be killing all the magic behind art. That is why expressionism should be a great fuel towards the art of the weird as it looks at the inner minds why of seeing things. The ego of the modern world is very unnatural and unattractive where older architectures look much more dense in imagination that the flat glass, metal or plastic buildings.

If you look at the theory's of Einstein so much of it is easily drawn out into
diagrammatic forms where imagination seems to have been so evident. I wish that Einstein was an artist because I think that most of his thoughts were developed from the inner eye and visual thinking. When you look at the theory of relativity it would through a real experiment look like an amazingly weird experiment, but think of this could his art have actually visually instructed us to have created the atom bomb, sadly I think people find it hard to reach an understanding of visual instruction so use math to be instructed through formulae.

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