Fresh thoughts on mythism

Well let me begin by saying yeah its been along time since I have been blogging but the Christmas session was a horrible and dark time for me in which I'm please as passed by. Anyway over this period I have been thinking and questioning my own mythism theory's. This new entry may be a long read and I will write in sections so you can read only the area's you find interesting.

The life within Mythism

Mythism is the way I like to live, the biggest influence on this is how sensitive my mind is to the visual environment around me. While I live I spend time looking at how life operates, looking at how we have paved a synthetic and man made maze of mundane material. I see cut out streets, blocks of security and streams of cold machines. I believe that today's man lives in a static state of comfort and thus causing people to gather in the tribes of family's, friends and co-workers. I personally enjoy being an outcast from the patterns in people's communication styles and living rituals embarrassing a sanctuary of piece and having a repression of life that leads me to dream of a more colourful existence. In fact everyday I feel attacked by people's fears while those fear's are intentionally I feel they aid in repressing me from approaching people as they tend to fear me for the corruption that they expect in all. In the world I imagine I see strangers gathering without fear of disturbance and unsociable behaviour. A place where growth and development of the society isn't based on mans thirst for power and money. I also wish for people to stop being influenced by the ideals of material power and to seek a lifestyle of the development of the mind and spirt.

Mythisim and deep spirituality

OK let me begin by saying that I believe we all unwillingly would love to know why we are here, its what makes us human. I fear though that society has begun to try and retreat from such thinking and I feel that this is causing mankind to lose respect for life. Well I haven't had much choice in spiritual thinking because while growing up my mind has open to many visions of possible near death experience's I had from being a very unwell child with a corrected congenital heart defect called fallots tetrology. Since then I seem to be able to drift into a deep connection with a sphere of existence that seems to defy everything that man could dream off on this physical plain. In fact so much of this place is still being developed by the development of my subconscious in which I can also travel into. I think that by entering our subconscious we are beside the doorway to death and that we are all living so much closer to death than we realise. I will call the brain the orbital growth chamber of knowledge in which all our experience's will develop the entity of electrons. We have a problem though and that is that society is constantly requesting us to watch the dreams of others and to lose our own visions and that attitude will begin to kill even the physical world itself and righteous pathway to a higher plain. Mankind will hopefully learn that its exists in a place where darkness and light are both present and that minds need to be encouraged to open up to both.

Mythism and the higher power of Imagination

The word imagination seems to be a new taboo word, I believe this is because people think that this exercise is futile and one that don't lead to any physical payback and I have to agree to an extent. But there are some high class jobs which require people to imagine like in advertising, artists and designers, writers to name a few but there is even a element of wrong doing in this where today's creative seem to rely more on parasitic style theft. So what does the ordinary person find from being imaginative, well from personal experience its helped me to solve problems, work through and exploit rules and systems, to escape a mundane life and to foresee and avoid future issues. Mythism is a place so close to the edge between reality and the imaginary. We can merge the world we experience around us by bringing into our minds and analysing it through memory and allowing it to grow out again into the world taking on new forms. We are doing this all the time, ancient mythology created new and wonder full things., and today we have nuclear mutant super beings. We our self's are capable of imagining our own worlds and I myself enjoy visualising them mentally and painting them and maybe in death I may be responsible for creating my new existence. In fact the film What Dreams May Come seems to achieve a simple and easy way of understanding the theory.

Mythism and the subconscious

Are we subconscious, well I think we have to be but most of us are evolving a program of basic instinctual subconscious thinking traits which are still quite animal. I see people that seem to live quite high class life's still bragging about how they much the abuse themselves with drugs. So it appears that at the moment people need some way of losing there inhabit ions through mind alteration. I think this dims minds from channeling into deeper levels but most artists will have u believe that alcohol helps them to create well i think it calm down the anxiety's imagination can induce and helps them to calm down minds. There are downfalls to being a subconscious person and that it makes one drift away from raw reality so experiences feel more like one is observing rather than really doing. Also fantasy and delusion is constant but is essential to feel mania without drug use and a euphoric state can be induced through the visit to the gate of mythism near to the doorways of death itself.

Art and Mythism

Well art at the moment is not art, I believe that art is now a show of show piece's offering intellectual analysis to non artists or dead artists. Personally I wouldn't want to sell my art to a collector but maybe prints so that I can claim the original to myself while alive. I don't think anyone who was to purchase my work would turn its complex aesthetic into bullshit babble. The day I ever sell my work would only deny its soul purpose of existing and would only serve to satisfy my physical desires. Today's so called artists try and cause reaction from the ability to shock or rebel against mainstream thinking which is intelligent to the mass but only disgusts my deep belief in real art development. And what makes a real artist to me well they must be involved in every part of the creation of the piece themselves, they must not use any objects that were already manufacture by others unless its evident that the object lost its identity within the final piece. If an artist Say's the piece is this then it is and shouldn't in any way be modified to suit any outside influence I could go on loads about how I deeply dislike the conceptual or insider art of today, I also think that naive art is terrible in technique and vision. Art should also be linked to other subjects such as science and should be taught through principles from all art types.