My deep general views on british culture


Well first of all I have been watching celebrity Big Brother over the past week or so and watched how there have been issue's concerning western and eastern culture's. I want to express my feelings regarding British culture and think that Britain has become a sess pit of corrupted thinking. Ill look at the reasons for this in a methodical way.

Media and the Government

I believe that the British government work hand in hand with each other in powerful ways in the united kingdom. We see how the news has created fears which aid in controlling people. Well I also think that media has also been promoting dreams that have only served to manipulate and corrupt people and they are now beginning to losing dignity and common decency. There are some reasons for this and I don't like them. Firstly I think the government are wanting us all to chase after dark materialistic delusional dreams to make people work harder to chase the dream, the rat race.

The Main Stream effect

Because of the British media everyone has become drawn into a fellowship of bad behaviour, we are beginning to find harassment and humiliation a comical virtue, from bad taste comedy programs like Little Britain. Only today I walked past three teenage girls and was disturbed to hear one of them shout tit wank how sweet. I actually think they were flirting and thought I would be wooed to hear there abusive mouths.

Class mixed up

I used to think the media were making the working class look bad but I would now say in the UK its not about the class's anymore at all. I believe that the media have a created a new attitude today as we have people from all works of life being given the chance to live in a wealthy way and money seems to allow people to gain power that there intellect hasn't earned. In the Big Brother house we see just how much there seems to be a clash of class and culture and a jealousy because one lives the dream happily. We have lost the decent class in Britain its all gone.

Sexual exploitation the media's poison.

The British media as corrupted people in a profound way, and I think we are now seeing damaged immoral personality's. Mainly because of indecent sexual exploitation and where women seem to have been given equality in living where they are still being used by the media which is a bad role model to the younger generation. I hate to sound like Mary white house but I think that Britain is becoming a crude, tasteless place full of darker ways dirty way's.

Why dream of more

Lets imagine we become millionaires through the lottery one day, we wanted it ever so much the television shown us many dreams that really got us going. we wanted to find someone to love but we found heartless people who leeched off us because of the power of wealth. We began making friends that could only talk about material possession, shallow and boring. The people also wanted to copy off the trends rather than develop an individual lifestyle. They would go out and show there body's off for cold cash. Well so now everyone wants this existence I think most have a plan in life, they no longer see each other outside of there bubble


Britain as an antisocial culture now, its people have been manipulated with dreams that have blackened the hearts of humanity. Women are becoming crude, driven by money and status and become jealous of class. Racism will always be but eventually it should dissolve out as it is doing. Just as long as we don't experience terrorism which could cause racial segregation between western and eastern people's.