Painted but depressed now


Mood: Creative but depressed.
Day spent: Mostly in bed.
Ate: Junk but vegetables lasagna and chips later.
Best Moment: Painting weird picture.
Tomorrow: Ill go out maybe and paint more.


I stayed in bed this morning until dinner time, I needed to make my mind fresh again and it did give me some energy. I then opened up one of my new canvas's and spent about four hours painting none stop of a canal scene that I have visualised in my mind for day's and really needed to get it out, It isn't finished yet but Ive done quite a lot of it.

Me and my lad walked to the local supermarket and that's when I started to feel down, As I was looking around the various foods and stuff I kept noticing loads of attractive women, some of them were on there own and others with their boyfriends or husbands. I'm not really in need of anyone to start a relationship with but couldn't help but feel alone.

I feel worthless and alone especially because I am a walker and haven't pushed myself to learn to drive like nearly every human being living around me. So I am the odd bod walking in the dark cold evenings but at least I had my little lad with me who made me laugh now and again.

Next I think ill go and take one of my anti depressants now and maybe go and chat online, I'm also looking forward until tomorrow so that I can do some more to my new painting.

Cya tomorrow.