My first real movie ever

Ilson 2006 film project

I have always loved watching films especially horror films. One of my favorite films being Eraserhead and the time as now come for me to move closer towards producing my own film and I am currently in the phase of creating a story board for this exciting short art movie. If it goes well I would enjoy creating a full length movie extending this. Please see the poster below 

Quick Poster for my up and coming film

What the film is about

Story so far, An agent as been sent 50 years into the future by the government to get the answer to many questions. He goes there unprepared because as most people quote today things will never get any better they will just get worse.

Ilkeston as even had its name changed to Ilson a name used quite often today. Drugs are that common that they have altered the genetic makeup of the brain and mind to the point that people are now all psychopathic paranoid monsters. Not only that but towns and cities are mostly barren and people even the young have been restricted to there homes through fear of violent confrontation.

Tesso the new name for a supermarket business now control the streets and have sent out there gangs to destroy the streets and rival shops. Tesso vans are everywhere delivering and will shot anyone in sight.

Females are now the most dominant of the sexes and have even become the most dangerous physically and mentally and stand back shouting and encouraging the men to attack others. The weak minded men will do anything to please the female and I mean anything.

The films Production and project

I'm apart of a new exciting project that includes many members and we are each going to produce a film that we want. I have just found out that we have access to thousands of pounds worth of video recording equipment from steady cams to a  expensive cannon video camera and I am very excited. I will be working alongside Thomas Hall a professional multimedia artist. 

Graphic Design Job Hunt

I have recently been applying for jobs as a graphic designer again as I think its about time I got myself back into work. Its not going to easy though with me having so much of a work gap but I can explain to the prospective employers that I have had valid reasons for unemployment. I need to do something with my life so that my creative mind can offer people so much. I have learned that it is a good thing to share ones creativity with the world.


Well I am off to a great start so far so many great things seem to keep happening around me and my life is going somewhere now.